We're all about embracing your true identity and expressing it with confidence and excellence. All of our services serve to make that kind of expression happen for you. Here's what we do:

Graphic Design

Everyone recognizes the need for strong and thoughtful graphic design, especially with practically everything becoming digital today. If graphic design isn't your specialty, or if you're looking for a different style than you're used to, we'd love to help you express yourself through design. That's what we're all about: expressing yourself!

Merchandise Design

  • Creating designs to print on t-shirts, sweaters, hats, and any other types of merchandise.
  • Helping you select a base product (e.g. selecting blends, material, etc.) to print the design on.

Media Graphics Design

  • Creating social media graphics (e.g. Facebook cover photos, Instagram graphics, etc.).
  • Designing flyers, posters, and any other print items.
  • Creating a logo for your brand.

Website Design

Regardless of whether you're an individual or a full-fledged corporation, everyone needs a reliable website—a place to express yourself. We'd love to help you create that place according to what you want. Since everyone has different needs, we have a few packages for you to choose from:

The Personal Package

$200: Ideal for the young professional just looking to make an impression on a potential employer.

  • Single-page website, not including an optional portfolio.
  • Integration with your social media profiles.
  • Mobile-ready.

The Creative's Package

$400: Ideal for both professionals and creatives to showcase their abilities and to start building their brand.

  • Two- to four-page website. You can use these however you want (e.g. landing page, blog, portfolio, contact).
  • Integration with your social media profiles.
  • Mobile-ready.
  • One social media graphic set.

The Business Package

$600: Ideal for anyone interested in establishing an online brand through a visually appealing and all-purpose website.

  • A full business website, 10 unique pages maximum.
  • E-commerce integration.
  • Integration with your social media profiles.
  • Mobile-ready.
  • Two social media graphic sets.
  • One month of free maintenance.

The Complete Package

$800: Ideal for a company that sees high traffic and has more than just a handful of needs to operate effectively.

  • A full business's website, unlimited pages.
  • E-commerce integration.
  • Integration with your social media profiles.
  • Mobile-ready.
  • Five social media graphic sets.
  • Two months of free maintenance.

Video Services

We believe that video is one of the best ways to share a message. That's why we want to lend you a helping hand in videography, whether it's filming a music video or even just putting together a recap video for your event:

Music Videos

  • Includes music videos, live performance videos,  and spoken word videos.
  • Includes shooting, editing, and post-processing.
  • Pricing depends on the scale of the shoot.

Event Videos

  • Includes weddings, social gatherings, corporate events, mixers, and everything else.
  • Includes shooting, editing, and post-processing.
  • Pricing depends on the scale of the shoot.

Music Publishing

On top of just being yourself, we're just as passionate about expressing yourself. For the musician, it's hard to express yourself when you can't get your music where you want it to go. That's why we've launched Good Fruit Music Publishing to help you distribute your music worldwide. This includes:

  • Distribution on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and every other major digital music retailer around the world.
  • Distribution in country-specific major digital retailers.
  • Registration with Performance Rights Organizations and Sound Exchange to make sure you receive all of your royalty payments, both domestically and internationally.
  • Synchronization licensing opportunities for TV and film.

Music Business Consulting

We've learned tons of helpful information about the music business through music business experts, industry-recognized resources, and most importantly, through real-life experience. And since it wouldn't make sense for us to encourage musicians to express themselves without doing our best to actually help them do so, we've decided to offer some consulting services for anyone looking to work in the music business. Here's what we offer:

  • Essential music business training covering touring, record deals, copyright law, publishing, and more.
  • Business model analysis for your record label or musician's brand.
  • Optimization of operation processes for your record label or musician's team.

Pricing depends on which of these services you're most interested in, how much training is necessary, and how involved you'd like us to be in your company or artist brand.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is just as important of an arena to understand when trying to express yourself. We understand that. We'd love to help you either get started in digital marketing or improve your current digital marketing strategy. Here are the ways we can help:

Social Media

  • Usage training for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, and Spotify.
  • Applying your preexisting brand voice to social media copy on every social network.
  • Training in both native publishing tools and HootSuite.
  • Training in the creation of a social media strategy.
  • Evaluation of current social media presence, including suggestions for improvement.


  • Training in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.
  • Assuming the role of Digital Marketing Analyst for your company or artist brand.
  • Analytical evaluation of the current position of your company or artist brand.


Before you express yourself, you need to really nail down who you truly are, regardless of whether you're just trying to be an artist, professional, or brand. If you haven't really defined your brand, we'd love to help you do so. And if you have but would like some help beefing it up and improving it in the areas below, we'd also love to help you. Our branding services cover:

  • Translation of core beliefs into a communicable brand
  • Lifestyle branding (if applicable)
  • Brand voice
  • Colorways
  • Logo design

Some of the elements of a strong brand might overlap with the other services we offer. We get that. We're willing to chat about what exactly your needs might be, and we'll do our best to accommodate whatever situation you're in.

Music Production

Music is sort of a first love for us as a company (after all, we're a record label). We understand how important it is for musicians to have an instrumental that resonates with the concept of a song, and we understand that—after the song is written and recorded—it needs to sound great. We'd love to help you make both of these things happen:


  • Making instrumentals in a variety of styles, including soul, R&B, jazz, hip hop, and EDM.
  • Pricing depends on specific demands and whether the track you're interested in is already available.
  • Bulk discounts are available.
  • Both leasing and exclusive agreements are available for beats.


  • We own countless industry-grade plugins, hardware components, and software specifically for the purpose of mixing power.
  • Revisions are complementary to a certain point.
  • Average turnaround time is five business days, although the process can be expedited for an additional fee.