Sam Ock Discography

Style Book | 2017

Sam Ock - Style Book Cover Artwork Album Art

Style Book is Sam Ock's Junior collection of songs about living the stylish life, in which true aesthetic is grounded in knowing oneself and being deeply known by others. The songs combine jazz, soul, R&B, hip-hop, gospel and acoustic elements into a pop, singer-songwriter format. Ock believes that this release is a defining point of his musical journey and is excited to share this sound with the world.


Ockoustic, Vol. 1 | 2017

Sam Ock - Ockoustic Volume Vol 1 Official Cover Album Artwork Art

Ockoustic: Volume I is the first collection of Sam Ock's popular tunes re-worked in an acoustic, "unplugged" style. The punchy, acoustic arrangements paired with Ock's crooning jazz vocals are sure to fill the listener's daily moments with an upbeat, relaxing ambience.

Wintery | 2016

Sam Ock - Wintery Holiday Seasonal Christmas Album Cover Artwork Art

Wintery is a seasonal album, a jazzy collection of tunes which celebrate fellowship and faith through Winter. Beginning from the end of Fall through Advent, carrying through to the New Year, the songs speak of the sights, sounds, and spiritual experiences which take place at the conclusion of every year. Listeners should let the sounds of Wintery relax and warm the soul as they listen together with their loved ones.

Companion | 2016

Sam Ock - Companion EP Mini Album Artwork Cover Art

Companion, a four-song collection which expresses the beauty of the adventure of love, is the latest addition to Sam's catalog. The songs celebrate the journey of the human heart to be known and loved, whether in an intimate friendship or a romantic pursuit. The underlying theme of this collection is that a commitment to deep, vulnerable, and loving relationships is what truly gives us strength and joy in life.

Grey | 2015

Sam Ock's sophomore LP titled Grey is an album exploring the space where the blackness of life and purity of truth meet. In a Christian's life, there are moments when the darkest of thoughts and emotions come into contact with absolute truth and hope. Both sides are clearly present and at war with each other. Grey is the expression of these two forces clashing within the soul and will hopefully comfort the hearts of many individuals who have also experienced the deep intricacies of living in a dark world with an unshakeable hope in Jesus Christ.

Laus Deo | 2014

“Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God” (Colossians 3:16).

The word “hymn” doesn’t normally spark excitement within modern church culture. Many churches dismiss hymns as either being ancient religious mantras or having antiquated music structures. What they often overlook are that hymns are one of the greatest sources of spiritual nourishment-they are packed with theological truths and Christian beliefs.

The goal of this project was for Sam Ock and John Rhee to record and arrange new versions of select hymns. The idea is a simple concept…showcase the beautiful marriage between timeless poetry and modern melody for the purpose of inspiring fellow believers to sing praises and give thanks to our great God.

Move EP | 2013

Rest Easy EP | 2012

Rest Easy was crafted around the concept of living life with eternal peace and steadfast love throughout all its trials and turmoils, due to the assurance of grace, glory, and incomparable company of Jesus Christ, who Sam Ock believes and tries to proclaim as the way, the truth, and the life. The hope for this album is to provide a place where pain and peace are able to have honest dialogue within the listener's introspection, gently prodding one's beliefs and hopefully pointing out the distinction within Sam's music which constantly tries to direct an ear to Whom he believes is the source of inspiration, love, joy, peace, and goodness itself. 

May this EP be your study buddy, commute crooner, night cap, morning songbird, or whatever else you may find it to be. 

In Him, no matter who, what, where, when, or why, we can assuredly Rest Easy.

Simple Steps | 2011

Simple Steps is Sam Ock’s debut album released in 2011. This album is Sam’s attempt to find his own musical identity as a lover of diverse musical genres. He seeks to capture the mellow tones from his deep influences of Nujabes and Studio Ghibli films, and tries to display lyrical and musical introspection in his identity as a Christian and fellow citizen of the human race. Notable songs from this album include "Beautiful People," "Rollercoaster," and "LOVE."