#VitaminSquad: The Official Good Fruit Street Team!

#VitaminSquad | Vitamin Squad | The Official Good Fruit Co. & J. Han & Sam Ock & AMP Movement & Promise & NAK Street Team

We're excited to finally be able to introduce #VitaminSquad, the official Good Fruit street team! We've been working on a ton of new ways to make you guys (our supporters) feel appreciated, while at the same time inviting you to join us on our journey as one of the first independent, Asian-American-owned record labels. Vitamin Squad is one of the many results of that work!

So what is Vitamin Squad?

Basically, members of the Vitamin Squad help Good Fruit promote events, releases, and other fun stuff. Every member gets a ton of exclusive perks (read this as: free CDs, merch, and more) for joining and continuing to contribute, on top of promo experience to put on their résumés too!

And of course, if you join, you shouldn't be surprised if you also happen to chat with the artists every once in a while.

Joining is free! Fill out this form (bit.ly/VitaminSquad), and we'll get in touch with you a few weeks down the line to give you more details and to clear up any questions you might have.