Announcing the Deluxe Edition of AMP's 'Glory Songs'

Celebrate five years of AMP with us on January 29, 2016! We're releasing a completely remastered deluxe edition of the group's sophomore album Glory Songs with four bonus tracks. As an exciting, celebratory hurrah for what’s been accomplished over the past five years, this release serves as a small (yet deeply-rooted) thank you to all of your continual support, loyalty, and encouragement.

Below is the official tracklisting and artwork for the album:

AMP - Glory Songs (Deluxe Edition) Artwork

1. Amplify
2. No Other Place
3. Beauty
4. Everywhere
5. You Lift Me Up
6. For the Day
7. No Turning Back
8. Worthy is the Lamb
9. New Creation
10. Your Word
11. Wonderful
12. People’s Song
13. Triumphant
14. Faithful
15. Refiner’s Flame
16. The Master
17. Amplify (Remix)

Glory Songs (Deluxe Edition) is an outflow of worship, a praising of God’s glory through theologically saturated rhymes, elements of corporate worship music, and a meld of musical genres. It is yet another manifestation of AMP’s mission: to amplify music, life, and the gracious giver of both, Jesus Christ.

This album is only a taste of what’s to come on AMP’s soon-to-be-revealed third studio album.