The Movement Vol. 1 Pre-Orders Now Available!

The Movement Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order on the iTunes Store:
Pre-order the album and receive J. Han's "Slow Down" instantly!

Available on November 20, 2015The Movement Vol. 1 is a kaleidoscopic blend of genres and sounds threaded together with lyrical thought and Good Fruit's trademark authenticity. The album vibrantly colors a picture of a Christianity that flows beyond the church's doors and floods into both the mundane and the marvelous of life, creating a vehicle loaded with the impact to move the world.

The album consists of twelve brand-new songs from Sam Ock, J. Han, Verseatile, Dru Bex, Shopé, Heesun Lee, Manifest, Lyricks, Mickey Cho, NAK, and Promise.

Find the official tracklist and artwork below:

The Movement Vol. 1 from Good Fruit Co
  1. Verseatile - I Know
  2. Dru Bex - Hi-Time
  3. Shopé - In the Clouds
  4. Heesun Lee - Our Sound (feat. Sam Ock)
  5. Manifest - The Battle (feat. Lyricks)
  6. J. Han - Slow Down
  7. Sam Ock - Stay
  8. Mickey Cho - Passion
  9. Sam Ock - Bullet and Gun
  10. NAK - Fragments
  11. J. Han - Same Again
  12. Promise - Say (feat. J. Han)

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