AMP Discography


AMP - Futuregen

FUTUREGEN is AMP's Junior release, and is also a word referring to the Future Generation. It is a symphony of modern, electric, and grand with one main focus: to rally the future generation to the prime joy and satisfaction of making Christ known and glorified. The tracklist features a signature AMP sound-- vertical and eclectic, and exhibits the musical and spiritual growth of each individual in AMP both as artists and individuals. AMP hopes to encourage all believers to actively pursue Christ as the One who will groom and raise this generation to build a Kingdom that will last into eternity!

Glory Songs (Deluxe Edition) | 2016

AMP Movement - Glory Songs Deluxe Edition Remastered Album Cover Artwork

In an exciting, celebratory hurrah for it being five whole years since the birth of hip hop collective AMP, the group has put together a small thank you for the fans: a remastered, extended deluxe edition of Glory Songs, complete with some brand new tracks.

Glory Songs (Deluxe Edition) is an outflow of worship, a praising of God’s glory through theologically saturated rhymes, elements of corporate worship music, and a meld of musical genres. And, it’s a taste of what’s to come on AMP’s soon-to-be-revealed, long-overdue third studio album

The Transition EP | 2013

Every transition we experience in life comes with unknown roads, untaken paths, and uncharted territories. Whether it’s a recent college grad concerned about his uncertain future, or a new parent wondering how to bring a precious but vulnerable little child into a scary world, each transition brings its own share of fear and anxiety to whoever is going through it.

Transitions also stretch and challenge us in ways we never imagined. AMP knows this well, because they’re going through those exact things. J.Han and Sam Ock are those college grads. CL is that new father. These are all brand new experiences they are dealing with, but it’s through these transitions that they've been able to realize something amazing.

Glory Songs | 2011

Glory Songs is AMP's sophomore album, released in 2011. The album seeks to worship the glory of God by combining corporate elements of worship music with theologically saturated rhymes and a meld of musical genres. The most notable songs from this album include "Amplify," "No Other Place," and "People's Song."

AMP | 2010

AMP is AMP's self-titled debut album released in 2010. This album encapsulate's AMP's search for a musical identity while trying to convey honest and personal music that exemplifies the daily life of a Christian. Produced and recorded out of the AMP members' personal bedroom studios, this album is a pure example of how God is able to work through humble beginnings. The most notable songs from this album include "Never change," "See You in Heaven," and "Shine."