J. Han - Tower Ivory (Physical CD)

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Cover 2400.jpg

J. Han - Tower Ivory (Physical CD)


This item is the physical CD that you can actually hold in your hand. If you want a digital version, see iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Spotify.

You probably want to know what you're buying. Here's the official blurb about this CD, plus the tracklisting:

J. Han's debut LP, Tower Ivory, is an album about growing pains, a journey towards manhood. Blending hip-hop with elements of jazz, blues, and elevator music, Tower Ivory is the realization of J. Han’s musical identity. This work exists to remind listeners that the expedition is equally as important as the destination.


  1. Watch Out
  2. Villain (feat. Shela)
  3. Tired
  4. Miscalculated
  5. Bones
  6. Han Solo
  7. Comrades (feat. Gowe & NAK)
  8. Thank Me Later
  9. Growing Pains
  10. Chukkas (feat. Mickey Cho)
  11. Shalom (feat. John Givez)
  12. Kudos (feat. Sam Ock)
  13. Belong

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