Sam Ock - Simple Steps (Physical CD)

Sam Ock - Simple Steps
Sam Ock - Simple Steps
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Sam Ock - Simple Steps (Physical CD)


This item is the physical CD that you can actually hold in your hand. If you want adigital version, see iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, or Spotify.

You probably want to know what you're buying. Here's the official blurb about this CD, plus the tracklisting:

Simple Steps is Sam Ock’s debut album released in 2011. This album is Sam’s attempt to find his own musical identity as a lover of diverse musical genres. He seeks to capture the mellow tones from his deep influences of Nujabes and Studio Ghibli films, and tries to display lyrical and musical introspection in his identity as a Christian and fellow citizen of the human race. Notable songs from this album include "Beautiful People," "Rollercoaster," and "LOVE."


  1. Tenshi
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Beautiful People
  4. Birds
  5. Love
  6. Green Shades
  7. Simple Steps
  8. There Will Be
  9. Ms. Instrumental
  10. Little Light
  11. In Remembrance

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