Sam Ock - Rest Easy EP (Physical CD)

Sam Ock - Rest Easy
Sam Ock - Rest Easy

Sam Ock - Rest Easy EP (Physical CD)


This item is the physical CD that you can actually hold in your hand. If you want a digital version, see iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, or Spotify.

You probably want to know what you're buying. Here's the official blurb about this CD, plus the tracklisting:

Rest Easy was crafted around the concept of living life with eternal peace and steadfast love throughout all its trials and turmoils, due to the assurance of grace, glory, and incomparable company of Jesus Christ, who Sam Ock believes and tries to proclaim as the way, the truth, and the life. The hope for this album is to provide a place where pain and peace are able to have honest dialogue within the listener's introspection, gently prodding one's beliefs and hopefully pointing out the distinction within Sam's music which constantly tries to direct an ear to Whom he believes is the source of inspiration, love, joy, peace, and goodness itself. 

May this EP be your study buddy, commute crooner, night cap, morning songbird, or whatever else you may find it to be. 

In Him, no matter who, what, where, when, or why, we can assuredly Rest Easy.


  1. Small
  2. Rest Easy
  3. All I Need (Rollercoaster Pt. II)
  4. New Sights (feat. Gowe, J. Han & Manifest)
  5. Peaceful & Lovely
  6. Good Morning, Good Evening

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