Sam Ock - Grey (Physical CD)

Sam Ock - Grey
Sam Ock - Grey
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Sam Ock - Grey (Physical CD)


This item is the physical CD that you can actually hold in your hand. If you want a digital version, see iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Spotify.

You probably want to know what you're buying. Here's the official blurb about this CD, plus the tracklisting:

Sam Ock's sophomore LP titled Grey is an album exploring the space where the blackness of life and purity of truth meet. In a Christian's life, there are moments when the darkest of thoughts and emotions come into contact with absolute truth and hope. Both sides are clearly present and at war with each other. Grey is the expression of these two forces clashing within the soul and will hopefully comfort the hearts of many individuals who have also experienced the deep intricacies of living in a dark world with an unshakeable hope in Jesus Christ.


  1. Never Ending
  2. What Have I Done
  3. Near
  4. Made for More
  5. All (More II)
  6. Out of My Head
  7. Long
  8. Crown
  9. Possible
  10. Got a Love
  11. Make Me Smile

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