Be You.

Good Fruit Co. - Be You. About Us.

We’re believers in the authentic, and chasers of the real. We're simply yet profoundly and unapologetically ourselves—a bunch of genuine and goofy folks, running an independent record label as Asian-Americans. It’s admittedly a strange and foreign place to be—especially as the first group of our kind to venture into this space—but we eagerly embrace this identity and confidently create nonetheless (regardless of how different we might sound from everyone else). We hope that our own pursuit of authenticity will encourage others to fearlessly do the same.

At Good Fruit Co., we’re driven by three core values: excellence, change, and purpose.

Excellence can't be capped; it expands, shoots outward, and increasingly grows. If what we're creating can be better, then it must be better—we never stop at mediocrity.

Change is enabled by the distinct uniqueness and remarkable capacity of every single human to impact people and culture. For us, it’s through the media we create that we desire to encourage, inspire, and bring hope to our listeners.

Everything's created with great purpose. Our deepest identity is found in glorifying God and enjoying Him forever—music, art, and design are just signs that point to this higher objective. So it's toward this end that we endlessly strive, knowing that it satisfies, knowing that it’s good.